"Suzanne is absolutely one of the best if not the best real estate agent that I have been associated. Ker knowledge, ability and "hustle" is at the highest level. There is no challenge she is not ready for. I could not be more satisfied." -

"I only wish I had listed the home with Suzanne originally, instead I wasted 4 months of prime selling time with the wrong agent. Suzanne came in, fixed problems, staged home, and got it sold quickly!" - Karl Trahan

"Suzanne was a great Realtor, I will definetly recommend. I was very impressed how quick she responded with me initially to submit offers." - Alex

"Suzanne is an excellent real estate agent. She is personable and engaging. She is very knowledgeable and caring to work with both in sales and exploring options for the purchase of a new home." - William Callaghan

"Suzanne House Roscher is the Absolute Best Realtor on the Planet. She always helps her clients make the best decisions for them. She has been our Realtor for our last 3 properties: Buying and Selling! We Cannot imagine working with anyone else. Suzanne is the Gold Standard!! We Adore Her!!!" - Barbara and Doug Thompson

"Suzanne was a total pleasure to work with!!!" - Chris Lyle

"It was a Pleasure working with Ms. Roscher, she has excellent communication skills, extremely accessible and quick to respond. I continue to recommend her and will definitely seek her out again for future home purchases." - David Tang

"Suzanne is great to work with and I will refer her to anyone looking to sell their home." - Satisfied Client

"Suzanne went above and beyond anything I would have imagined. She reassured me when I was stressed, made me feel comfortable with the process and dealing with any obstructions that came up. I was extremely pleased that she worked with me. Even after the sale, she helped me with a problem I was having. I will recommend her to everyone I know." - Linda Tingle-Shirk

"Suzanne is absolutely one of the best if not the best real estate agent that I have been associated. Her knowledge, ability and "hustle" is at the highest level. There is no challenge she is not ready for. I could not be more satisfied." - Howard Sykes

Suzanne is, by far, the best real estate agent we have ever employed. She is knowledgeable, responsive, conscientious, and extremely effective.  From the initial listing and staging, the frequent open houses, the regular showings, to the final sale of our home- Suzanne demonstrated exemplary skill and patience, instilling confidence and reassuring us along the way.  Suzanne was personally involved every step of the way, making the sale of our home a painless experience. She maintained regular contact and provided us with, greatly appreciated, weekly reports of her efforts on our behalf.  She gave excellent advice and guidance and always explained her reasoining- from preparing our home for sale, obtaining necessary legal representation, negotiating the terms of the sales contract, addressing the issues that arise during the escrow process, and finalizing the purchase agreement. We highly recommend Suzanne- she is truly a real estate agent who will work for you! - Milt P., Va. Beach

Dear Mr. Powell, We have successfully closed on our home and wanted to send you a note of appreciation and to express our sincere gratitude for Berkshire Hathaway Towne Realty’s service in helping make our home purchase a reality. Specifically, we would like to take the opportunity to praise our Agent, Suzanne House-Roscher, for her professionalism, dedication, and assistance throughout this process. Our home purchase journey encompassed almost two years of searches, reviewing hundreds of homes online, conducting over 25 home appointments, and making three home offers before finally coming under contract for this home, with Suzanne standing with us the entire time. We first met Suzanne at an open house in January 2017. Her professional presentation, organization, and knowledge, coupled with her personal style, made us feel free to view the home and ask questions without feeling any pressure which was refreshing. After meeting her a second time at another open house two months later, we immediately thought to ourselves that if we decided to pursue a home purchase, she would be the Agent we would select. We spoke honestly with Suzanne about our plans, desires, and expectations which included the fact that we were not in a rush to purchase just any home, we wanted to purchase the home that fit our family desires and lifestyle. A month later we were making our first offer on a home. While our offer was not selected, this provided the opportunity to view multiple homes within different communities in the Virginia Beach area, which Suzanne personally coordinated. Suzanne’s personal demeanor, ability to understand and appreciate our needs and patience truly allowed us to work at our pace and through the process of elimination, reach a final conclusion on the community where we wanted to purchase a home. Six months later, after not winning our second home offer, Suzanne proactively solicited interest from the entire community where we decided to purchase a home to determine if any homeowners may be interested in selling. This effort gained responses from 5 homes in the area, of which we visited two. While we ultimately did not make an official offer on either home, our admiration for Suzanne continued to grow. During the additional eight months of searching before making our fourth and final offer on a home, Suzanne truly worked for us as a buyer’s agent through all home offers and negotiations. While we may not have always agreed, she provided us with the best information possible and we never once doubted that she supported our decision 100%, conveying and fighting for our interests every step of the way. She maintained the appropriate level of engagement with us, letting us know about homes matching our criteria that recently came on the market, but never pushed us to rush our selection. After formally coming under contract for our current home purchase, Suzanne’s professional savvy was instrumental in obtaining the most professional and knowledgeable inspectors that we have seen in our last four home purchase/sale transactions across three other states. Negotiating this sale on our behalf, which was the first in a series of complex purchases and sales including multiple Agents at your company, we were able to secure a fair final closing price for the home that accommodated monetary concessions from the sellers to account for needed post-sale repairs/improvements. Her exceptional work ethic, knowledge, and follow-through never faltered and directly resulted in a home purchase closing within 35-days, including two holiday periods, after contract ratification. Suzanne’s level of professionalism, knowledge, detailed work-ethic, and ability to navigate and articulate all facets of the real estate process are truly unmatched. If it is possible to recognize Suzanne with some type of award or recognition within your Company, we would feel most appreciative – she is an exceedingly deserving candidate. Additionally, if there is a location where reviews are posted for your Agents, please let us know – it would be our pleasure to share with everyone just how professional and helpful Suzanne’s services have been for us. Thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday Season! Sincerely, - Roberto & Rene Martínez